Skulls & Pantsu

Aug 22

ohletstakeastroll said: Does rafchu mean anything

I’ve been crazy about the Gainax TV show “Ebichu” for a long time and kind of add “-chu” at the end of my friend’s names.
Then my name is Raphaëlle, shorten Raf, so there you have Rafchu ^^

Anonymous said: What do you do if ya got a little bit of markers but you don't have the right color for the skin do you just leave the skin white or? Please help

Maybe that’s the occasion to experiment “weird” colors, you know? Like coloring the skin in blue with pink shadows, stuff like that ^^

Aug 20



Anonymous said: have you ever read the manga aku no hana, aka the flowers of evil?

Ha! I meant to read it for a long time after seeing the first episode of the anime. The anime was too “uncanny valley” for me but the manga seems very interesting ^^

Anonymous said: What are all the pictures that you've drawn of females with penises

I’ve always been interested in Japanese weird pop culture and fan-service even though I’m not particularly into hentai ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭

Anonymous said: Gotta say you're one of my favorite artists, you're syle reminds me more of Hiroyuki Imashi's or SUSHIO's(Toshio Ishizaki) type of style.

Thanks! Those are my drawing masters! Yoh Yoshinari is amazing too (´ε` )♡

Anonymous said: I see you tend to sketch without pulling your pencil off the paper too much. How do you do it so effortlessly? Do you have any tips to break the habit of drawing so many lines just to create one line? In other words how can you make your sketches look so clean?

You have the answer in the question ^o^ try to draw the fewer lines possible (and focus on “strength” lines), one line for each part of the body (for example, an arm or leg is only 2 lines).

A tip that can help is to watch the ending point of your stroke when you draw. Don’t focus on the line you are drawing but where you want it to end !

Aug 19